1795 - 1862 : Charlton Trust Fund Marriage certificates that have a 'Farrell' surname

The Charlton Trust Fund offered a small marriage gratuity to 
members of the Protestant labouring classes. To qualify, a 
marriage certificate, recording occupations and signed by the 
local Church of Ireland clergyman, had to be submitted, and 
these are now in the National Archives. They are particularly 
useful for the years before the start of registration of non 
Catholic marriages in 1845. The areas covered by the Fund were 
mainly in Cos Meath and Longford.

Listed below are parish details, the marriage year, the married couple's names, the father's name with the Farrell surname, and where the father lived. 

The Longford Charlton Fund                                                       

Parish   /  Marriage Year    /   Husband and Wife  /   -Farrell's Father  / native of:

Keenagh, 1897, James McCormack & Catherine Farrell - William F., Keenagh

Killashee,1830 Christopher Farrell & Bridget Mahon, John Farrell, Derryad

Granard, 1823  James Farrell & Anne Doonan - James & Anne Farrell (parents),  Granard

Templemichael, 1833  John Farrell & Elenor Shanley -John Farrell, Longford

Clonbroney, 1826  James Farrell & Rose Moran -Simon Farrell, Kaldragh

Ballymacormack, 1829  Patt Farrell & Catharine Ireland - Thomas Farrell, Trillick

Clonbroney, 1830  Patt Farrell & Bridget Kelly - Laurence Farrell,  Aughnashanna

Leagan, 1830  William Farrell & Mary Leanahon - Patt Farrell,  Newtown

Tashnod, 1815  Rodger Farrell & Eliza Orr - Patrick Farrell,  Tierboy

Killashee, 1828 William Irwin & Mary Farrell - Patrick Farrell,  Killashee

Moydow, 1831 James Kenny & Catherine Farrell- William Farrell, Bawn

Kilcommack, 1835  James Geraghty & Margaret Farrell- Thomas Farrell, Curry

Killoe,  1836 James Hughes & Ann Farrell- Dennis Farrell,  Rhodrum

Ardagh, 1835 James Heslin & Mary Farrell- James Farrell,  Balurrid

Killoe, 1832/9 Patt Donahoe & Ellen Farrell- William Farrell, Fortiagh

Killoe, 1831 John Dooris & Rose Farrell- Richard Farrell, Killeter

Rathliss,  1854, Thomas Downey & Catherine Farrell- John Farrell, Rathcline

Moydow, 1826   Thomas Curry & Bessy Farrell- Donah**  Farrell, Friel

Edgeworthstown, 1831 John McGivney & Margaret Farrell- Alex. Farrell,  Bracklin

Templemichael, 1849 Timothy McCabe & Anne Farrell- John Farrell, Longford, Anne is from Ardagh

Cashel, 1817 Nathaniel Nixon & Mary Farrell- Patt Farrell,  Derahanna**

Killashee,  1842 Samuel Taylor & Eliza Farrell- Patrick Farrell,  Killashee

Kilcommack, 1820 John Belton & Eleanor Farrell - Francis Farrell, Corleagh,   married in Forgany cparish

Moydow, 1836 Michael Brennan & Ann Farrell - Andrew Farrell, Toyhin

Columcille, 1832  Michael Brady & Ellen Farrell- James Farrell, Sreame***      -          


The Meath Charlton Fund                                                       

Parish   /  Marriage Year    /   Husband and Wife  /   -Farrell's Father  / native of:

Colpe, 1860  James Kennedy & Margaret Farrell,  Beamore

Stackallin, 1836 Michael Gaughran & Bridget Farrelly -Laurence Farrelly, Stackullen

Ardbraecan, 1836 James Farrelly & Anne MacNamee- Nicholas Farrelly, Ardbraecan.

Kells, 1829  Francis Farrelly & Elizabeth KingJohn Farrelly,  Kells

Rathkenny, 1834 John Farrell & Margaret Reilly- Michael Farrell, Chamberstown            -          

Moynally, 1831 James Farrelly & Catty Byrne- Owen Farrelly, Rathmens*,married in Nobber parish.

Kilbarry, 1832  Owen Farrelly & Mary Maghony- Philip Farrelly,  Kilbarry, married in Stackallen

Kilshane, 1833 Patt Farrelly & Rose Duffy- James Farrelly, Mountainstown

Johnstown, 1835  Owen Farrelly & Rose Sheridan- Laurence Farrelly, Alexander Road

Ardagh,1859 Owen Farrelly & Mary Nulty, she's from Kilmainhamhood

Kells, 1857 Stephen Farrelly &  Mary Anne Gannon, Kells

Courtinstown, 1835 Thomas Farrelly & Mary Farrelly -John Farrelly - Laurence Farrelly (his father),Courtinstown       

Kilmainham,1852,  Thomas Farrelly & Margaret Jackson - Peter Farrelly, Kilmainham

Navan,1837 Thomas Farrelly & Anne Rowley -Michael Farrelly, Navan

Ardbraccan, 1833  Patrick Caffry & Bridget Farrelly -Edward Farrelly, Dormstown

Castletown Kilpatrick, 1832  Michael Carrolan & Margaret Farrell - William Farrell, Rappin

Oldcastle, 1829  Michael Connell & Mary Farrelly - Patrick Farrelly, Balincal or Balineal

Dulane, 1832  Michael Crenin & Rose Farrelly - Owen Farrelly, Dulane

Navan, 1833  Laurence Hoey & Anne Farrelly - John Farrelly, Knockumber

Dulane, 1834   James Smith & Betty Farrelly John Farrelly,  Knockglass

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