NAME                            TOWNLAND & PARISH

Farrell Catherine             Cloonboniagh South Mohill

Farrell Bryan                Drimna Mohill

Farrell Anne                 Mohill Main Street Mohill

Farrell Thomas                         Drumkeelan Kiltubbrid

Farrell Catherine             Clooneagh Mohill

Farrell Charles             Clooncolry Mohill

Farrell James                Clooncarreen Mohill

Farrell Francis, Jr.             Corrascoffy Mohill

Farrell Francis             Corrascoffy Mohill

Farrell Thomas                         Aghakilmore Kiltubbrid

Farrell John                  Cornaleck Kiltubbrid

Farrell William             Gowel Kiltoghert

Farrell William             Corlona Kiltoghert

Farrell Edward                         Aghintass Annaduff

Farrell William             Kiltoghert Kiltoghert

Farrell William, Jr.             Annaghearly Kiltoghert

Farrell James                Gortnagullion Kiltubbrid

Farrell Edward                         Sheebeg Kiltubbrid

Farrell Bridget             Mullaghycullen Kiltubbrid

Farrell James                Town of Mohill Mohill

Farrell John                  Clooncolry Mohill

Farrell Thomas                         Bellageeher Mohill

Farrell Philip                 Derreen Mohill

Farrell Patrick             Treanmore Mohill

Farrell Patrick             Rinnagowna Mohill

Farrell Thomas                         Cloonturk Mohill

Farrell Timothy             Rinnagowna Mohill

Farrell William             Gubanummera Rossinver

Farrell Michael             Gubacreeny Rossinver

Farrell William             Cloonmorris Mohill

Farrell Patrick             Esker South Mohill

Farrell Patrick             Drumard (Magerraun) Mohill

Farrell Laurence             Meelraghnagur Mohill

Farrell Laur., Jr.             Meelraghnagur Mohill

Farrell John                  Drumard (Magerraun) Mohill

Farrell Mary                 Cloonclivvy Mohill

Farrell Michael             Clooncolry Mohill

Farrell Michael             Drumard (Magerraun) Mohill

Farrell Michael             Cloonturk Mohill

Farrell Michael             Cloonmorris Mohill

Farrell Thomas                         Sheemore Kiltoghert

Farrell William             Annaghearly Kiltoghert

Farrell Michael             Drumhallagh Cloone

Farrell John                  Drumhass Cloone

Farrell Michael             Drumhass Cloone

Farrell Thomas                         Drumduff South Kiltoghert

Farrell Rose                  Cattan Cloone

Farrell Rodger             Clooncumber Cloone

Farrell Francis             Keeldra Cloone

Farrell Felix                  Mullaghbrack Cloone

Farrell James                Derryniggin Carrigallen

Farrell Patrick             Coolcreeve Annaduff

Farrell Michael             Gortermone Carrigallen

Farrell Patrick             Derryniggin Carrigallen

Farrell Bryan                Bellakiltyfea Cloone

Farrell Bernard             Gowell Kiltoghert

Farrell Patrick             Drumshanbo North Cloone

Farrell John                  Aghagrania Kiltoghert

Farrell John                  Drumliffin Glebe Kiltoghert

Farrell John                  Kiltoghert Kiltoghert

Farrell John                  Lisseeghan Kiltoghert

Farrell Ellen                  Finisklin Kiltoghert

Farrell James                Tullylannan Kiltoghert

Farrell Matthew             Deffier Kiltoghert

Farrell Thomas                         Ballinwing Kiltoghert

Farrell Patrick             Corlona Kiltoghert

Farrell Thomas                         Aghagrania Kiltoghert

Farrell Bridget             Bellanaboy Kiltoghert

Farrelly John                 Drumbreanlis Carrigallen

Farrelly James             Gortermone Carrigallen

Farrelly Anne                Errew Carrigallen

Farrelly Luke                Mullanadarragh Carrigallen

Farrelly James             Drumbreanlis Carrigallen

Farrelly Terence             Aghavilla Carrigallen

Farrelly James             Drummanbane Cloone

Farrelly Philip             Gorteen Cloone

Farrelly Catherine             Corgloghan Drumreilly

Farrelly Michael             Gortermone Carrigallen

Farrelly Richard             Drumcromaun Kiltubbrid

Farrelly Patrick             Gortermone Carrigallen

Farrelly Patrick             Castle St,Manorhamilton Killasnet

Farrelly Thomas             Corglass Carrigallen

O'Farrell Rev. Matthew             Fearnaght Annaduff

O'Farrell Rev. James             Cloonmorris Mohill

O'Farrell Joseph             Drumshanbo Kiltoghert

O'Farrell Rev. James             Knockadrinan Mohill

The Farrell Clan acknowledge the financial support and assistance given by Longford Community Resources Ltd, under the LEADER +/ NRDP FUND to carryout this project.

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