The mid-1980s marked the beginning of an ambitious plan to regenerate Belfast, starting with the area round the river Lagan. This book, with over 180 stunning photographs by Chris Hill and Jill Jennings, captures both the spectacular new Belfast - the Waterfront Hall, the Odyssey complex, the Gasworks site - and the familiar older city, often transformed by imaginative facelifts like the one at St George's Market.

In 1986 Chris Hill opened his photographic studio in a Victorian warehouse in the old linen quarter behind the City Hall. Jill Jennings joined the studio in 1989, and photographing the positive side of the city they both loved became their driving passion. Since the ceasefires in the 1990s, more and more people are sharing that passion, looking with renewed pride at the city's Victorian and Edwardian architecture and with increasing approval at exciting new developments.

The portrait Hill and Jennings paint of a spruced-up Belfast facing confidently into a better future will surprise and delight citizens and visitors alike.

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