The Book of Ulster Surnames

What’s your name?

What was your mother called?

And her mother?

What was your father’s mother’s name?

Most of us know at least a few of the surnames that make up the heritage of our own families. But what do these names mean and where did they come from?

The Book of Ulster Surnames has entries for over five hundred of the most common family names of the province, with references to thousands more. It gives a history of each name, its original form, where it came from – Ireland? Scotland? England? Wales? France? – and why it changed to what it is today. It also includes notes on famous bearers of the name and where in Ulster the name is now most common. The result is a first-class reference book packed with often startling insights into the origins of a complex, turbulent people.

‘A magnificent yet inexpensive tool for use by family historians seeking origins in Ulster . . . Immensely readable and comprehensive to the casual user. Bell has, in effect, popularised the etymology of the surnames of Ulster . . . Highly recommended.’ national geographical society quarterly (usa)
By Robert Bell

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